Modern Doors

Inspiration from the natural world as a symbol of freedom

New Design Porte is specialised in the construction of modern doors inspired by the modernism of the 1900's and by the typical artistic expressions of the period such as "Art Nouveau," "Jugendstil", "Modern style", "Succession", and "Liberty".

The shapes of the doors inspire youth, modernity, detachment from the past and freedom. All these concepts help to establish an era of development marked by the most striking decorative character, in which flora and fauna become the prime source of inspiration.

And if that were not enough, we could continue with: "floral", "Giulio Verne style", "Belle E'poque style", "Yachting style". All these terms contribute to setting a time when one was keenly aware that a battle in favour of craftsmanship demanded a rejuvenation of the sources of inspiration in order to offer artisans reference models. The pillaged repertoire of historical styles was therefore replaced by a varied natural work, whose rich manifestations could offer endless cues for formal processing and practical applications.

Our modern door lines are clean, but full of personality. Respecting the high standards set by our company, every door is made of selected woods and advanced technological solutions. Inlaid wenge, ash with incisions, bleached oak and wax finish, coated cherry, tulipwood and cherry stained Tanganyika, etc. found a way into this period.