Interior Doors

Wood Doors for Interiors

Passion, a wealth of ideas, a mastery of processing are all elements that put New Design Porte at the forefront in the production of interior wood doors. A wide range of wooden interior doors created with taste, thanks to a knowledge of wood typical of furniture makers.

Production is constantly enriched with new proposals, all with elegance and good taste. The various collections combine the finest materials and craftsmanship. The finishes are created using the typical products of long ago: beeswax, shellac, glaze and decoration techniques all executed by hand by experienced masters of art.

In the style of craftsmen, we can provide our customers with the possibility of customising doors, choosing the classic or modern door shape, workmanship, sizes, finishes and styles, and especially, the furnishings that are best suited for their homes.

New Design Porte maintains a tradition of craftsmanship to ensure quality internal doors and certain artistic depth.